Echologger stands out as a premier destination for top-notch echosounders, recognized for their exceptional quality and innovation. As specialists in the development and crafting of these devices, we take great pride in exceeding industry standards. Our high-end ultracompact echosounders are designed with user-friendliness in mind. More than just tools, they represent intelligent solutions tailored to diverse needs. Their light-weight design makes underwater surveys straightforward and accessible.

Product Group
  • ECHOLOGGER EU400 & EU200

    Single Frequency Echosounder (Shallow)

    Echologger EU400 / EU200 is the only USB interfaced professional echosounder, ECT400 / EU200 is one of the most compact and lightest precision echosounder.

  • Dual Freq. Echosounder (Side Connection)

    Dual Frequency Echosounder (Deep)

    One of the most compact and lightest precision echosounders in the sonar market that can measure accurate backscatter data as well as precise altitude data.

  • Autonomous Altimeter ECHOLOGGER AA400

    Autonomous Altimeter

    Echologger AA400 is a low cost, light weight connector-free sonar altimeter with a data logging facility.


    Autonomous Echosounder

    Echologger EA400 is unique in the market as an Autonomous Echosounder with many useful practical features.

  • Hull-mounting Echosounder EHT400 U

    Hull Mounting Echosounder

    Ultracompact echosounders designed to mount on the hull of manned or unmanned boats for accurate bathymetric surveys.

  • DASS710 750/1000 kHz Dual Axis Scanning Sonar

    3D Sonar Scanning

    Echologger DASS710 is an ultra compact 3D scanning sonar. The dual axis scanning sonar, DASS710 is a realtime 3D sonar and can be deployed with a stand alone or daisy chain mode.