ECHOLOGGER EU400 / EU200 & ECT400S / ECT200S

Most affordable professional echosounder for surface vehicles
Available frequency: 450kHz & 200kHz


  • Ultra Compact Precision Echosounder Echologger EU400 & EU200
  • Ultra Compact Precision Echosounder Echologger ECT400S & ECT200S
  • Ultra Compact Precision Echosounder Echologger ECT400S & ECT200S

The Echologger EU400/EU200 proudly stands out as a USB-interfaced professional echosounder, designed exclusively for accurate depth measurement in professional bathymetric surveys. Its USB interface capabilities not only make it a versatile tool but also facilitate seamless data transfer, enhancing overall survey precision. This echosounder finds its application in a variety of scenarios, notably excelling in professional bathymetric surveys where precise depth measurement is paramount. Additionally, its adaptability for deployment on Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs) or drones adds versatility to its utility.

In parallel, the ECT400/ECT200 series distinguishes itself as one of the most compact and lightest precision echosounders, featuring serial interfaces (RS232/485) for added versatility. Tailored for accurate depth measurement, this series proves to be an optimal choice for various bathymetric survey applications. Its lightweight design ensures ease of handling, making it well-suited for applications where space and weight considerations are crucial. This series, too, can be deployed on USVs or drones, expanding its applications in sediment studies and precision depth measurements.

Both series share a crucial feature – the ability to acquire acoustic backscatter data along the full water columns. This capability ensures a comprehensive understanding of underwater environments, allowing professionals to gather detailed information for a range of applications. From mapping underwater terrain to conducting precise inspections and sediment studies, these echosounders prove to be reliable tools in the hands of professionals navigating the complexities of underwater environments.


  • Real-time backscatter data collection along full water columns
  • Compatible with Hypack, HydroMagic, ReefMaster and HydroPro(Trimble)
  • Plug and Play on a PC via USB port (EU400 and EU200)
  • No additional power supply is required (EU400 and EU200)
  • Serial interface (RS232, 485, 422) (ECT400S and ECT200S)
  • User friendly GUI software provided for instant image update
  • Tilt sensor integrated(option)
Acoustic Frequency 450 kHz (ECT400S, EU400) / 200 kHz (ECT200S, EU400)
Beam width 5° (450kHz) / 10° (200kHz) Conical (-3dB)
Transmit Pulse Width 10μsec ~ 200μsec (10μsec step)
Ranges 0.15 m ~ 100 m
Housing Acetal
Repetition (Ping) Rate 10 Hz max
Sampling Rate 100 kHz
Water Column Resolution appx. 7.5 mm
Altimeter Range Resolution 1.0 mm
Temperature Resolution 0.1°C
Tilt sensor integrated (optional) Dual-axis, horizontal operation : ±90°
Tilt sensor integrated (optional) Inclination data accuracy : 0.1
Digital Output Interface USB (EU400, EU200), RS-232,485,422 (ECT400S, ECT200S)
Communication Speed 4,800 ~ 921,600 baud (115,200 baud default)
Data Output Format ASCII TXT, NMEA0183, or user defined (optional)
Configuration and Data reading Echologger Control Program or any terminal program
Operation Temperature -10°C +50°C
Power supply USB powered, 2W max (EU400, EU200), 8~75 VDC, 2W max (ECT400S, ECT200S)
Dimensions D56 mm x L80 mm (without connector)
Weight 270g (exc. cable)
Other features Hypack, HydroMagic, ReefMaster compatible (NMEA, Echogram)