Echologger DL3S

Autonomous data collection for long period of times from Echologger underwater sensors


  • DL3S with echologger sensors
  • DL3S with 3D sonar
  • Echologger DL3S (underwater data logger)
  • DL3S with 2D scanning sonar
  • DL3S with echosounder and scanning sonar
  • DL3S with 3D sonar and GPS

DL3S, underwater data logger is unique in the market as an autonomous system used underwater with many useful practical scientific features. The logger collects real time data autonomously for long period of times from Echologger underwater sensors such as dual frequency echosounder, fan beam scanning and sharp pencil beam 3D sonar. Echologger’s sonar sensors are widely used globally for underwater environmental studies such sediment monitoring, wave/tide monitoring, zooplankton studies, marine structure monitoring and so on. DL3S is a dedicated long term logging facility for these popular sensors. But also the logger has embedded sensors such as temperature sensor, pressure sensor, compass and tilt sensor, so that it can collect the useful information in the water independently without connecting external Echologger sensors listed above.

Batteries Li-ion 14.4V, 14Ah (option, 28Ah)
No. of Ports 3
Connectors MCBH6MSS
Memory 32GB micro SD, SDHC
Power supply (for changing) 18~24 VDC, 3A min
Compatible sensors (Echologger) 3D sonar : DASS710 /
Scanning sonar : RS900, MRS900 /
Dual Freq. Echosounder : ECT D24, ECT D032, ECT D052, ECT D710 and equivalent ECS models
Compatible sensors (generic) Any GPS with NMEA output
Embedded sensors Pressure, Tilt, Compass, Temperature
Pressure Sensor 0~30 bar, Resolution 0.2cm (in water)
Tilt sensor Dual-axis, horizontal operation: ±90°
Compass Data resolution 0.1°
Digital Output Interface to PC USB
Communication Speed (to sensors) 4800 ~ 230,400 baud (115,200 baud default)
Operating Depth 100m
Operating Temperature -10°C +50°C
Dimensions Ø165 x H183 mm
Weight 3.0 kg(air)
Housing Materials Acetal, Polycarbonate (window), Stainless steel (cap)