Portable Bluetooth Module for Echologger products


  • BT module with power supply
  • BT module with power supply

Portable Bluetooth(BT) Module DU-BS21S is meticulously designed for seamless integration with Echologger echosounders and scanning sonar systems, offering unparalleled convenience in bathymetric surveys for both manned and unmanned operations.

The DU-BS21S excels in communication efficiency with its long-range Bluetooth capability. It provides a robust connection up to 10 meters (Class2), with an optional extension to 100 meters (Class1) for enhanced versatility.

This Bluetooth module ensures swift and reliable data transfer with an RS232 data rate ranging from 2,400 to 230,400 bps, with a default setting of 115,200 bps. This allows for efficient communication between the module and connected devices.

Equipped with a long-life rechargeable battery, the DU-BS21S not only powers itself but also serves as a reliable power source for connected Echologger devices. This feature enhances the operational lifespan and autonomy of the entire system.

The DU-BS21S is designed to seamlessly integrate with our Echologger echosounders and scanning sonar systems. This universal compatibility ensures that users can effortlessly incorporate the Bluetooth module into their existing Echologger setups, providing a hassle-free solution for various survey applications.


  • Long range Bluetooth communication: 10m (Class2), [option 100m (Class1)]
  • RS232 Data Rate: 2,400 ~ 230,400 bps (default: 115,200 bps)
  • Longlife chargeable Battery: 14.4V, 45Wh
  • Compatible with all Echologger echosounders and scanning sonar
Embedded RS232 to Bluetooth Converter
Bluetooth Specification V2.1
Bluetooth max range 10m (Class2), [option 100m (Class1)]
RS232 Data Rate 2,400 ~ 230,400 bps (default: 115,200 bps)
Battery 14.4V, 45Wh
Temperature -10°C ~ 50°C
Weight 750 g
Dimensions 140 x 90 x 45 mm (without pole holder)
Pole Holder Pole diameter 20~40 mm
Echolooger DU-BS21 BT module with power supply