High resolution 3D sonar scanning for underwater structure scour monitoring.

  • DASS710 750/1000 kHz Dual Axis Scanning Sonar
  • 3D Scanning Sonar
  • 3D Scanning Sonar
  • 3D Scanning Sonar
  • 3D Scanning Sonar DASS710 and SAMM

Point cloud enabled high resolution 3D scanning imaging sonar for underwater structure monitoring. Ideal tool for scour monitoring.


  • Ultracompact 3D scanning sonar
  • High resolution pencil beams with broadband composite transducer
  • Versatile adjustible scanning area (full or sector scan) : 360 deg(H) x 200 deg(V)
  • Point cloud
  • Altitude range resolution : 1mm
  • Scanning angular resolution adjustable from 0.1deg
  • Backscatter data can be collected (option)
  • Compatible with EIVA NaviScan and Cloud Compare
  • Weight : 2.2kg in air
  • Dimension : D110 x H150
Acoustic Frequency 750 kHz / 1MHz
Beam width 1.5 ° / 1° Conical (-3dB, echo mode)
Max Ranges 50m/25m
Scan Angle Resolution Up to 0.1°
Horizontal Scanning Sector 360°
Vertical Scanning Sector 200° (±100°)
Range Resolution 1.0 mm
Synchronization Outward / Inward (S/W selectable)
Digital Output Interface RS-232, RS-485 isolated
Communication Speed 4800 ~ 921,600 baud (115,200 baud default)
Connector MCBH6MSS
Power supply 10 ~ 60 VDC, 8W max
Operation Temperature -10°C ~ +50°C
Operating Depth 300m
Dimensions Ø110 x H150 mm
Weight 2.25kg / 0.78kg (air/ water)
Housing Materials SS and Acetal