ECHOLOGGER ECT400 / ECT200 & ECS400 / ECS200

Most compact professional echosounder in the sonar market
Available frequency: 450kHz & 200kHz


  • Echologger  Echosounder ECS400 & ECS200 (side connection)
  • Echologger  Echosounder ECT400 & ECT200
  • Echologger Echosounder ECT400 & ECT200 (6,000m rated)

The Echologger ECT400/ECT200 and ECS400/ECS200 models stand out as prominent figures in the sonar market, celebrated for their compact and lightweight precision. These echosounders, equipped with features reminiscent of their predecessors, bring a novel capability by facilitating deployment in deeper waters, with the capacity to reach depths of up to 6,000 meters.

While maintaining the signature precision and compact design tailored for shallow water applications seen in their predecessors, the ECT400/ECT200 and ECS400/ECS200 series are crafted with versatility in mind. Their lightweight construction ensures effortless handling, making them particularly well-suited for scenarios where considerations of space and weight are pivotal.

These models find their niche across various applications, excelling notably in professional bathymetric surveys. Their adeptness extends to deployment on unmanned surface vehicles (USVs), drones, ROVs, or AUVs, significantly expanding their utility and establishing them as indispensable tools for professionals seeking precise underwater data collection. Whether tasked with mapping the underwater terrain or conducting meticulous inspections, these echosounders consistently prove to be reliable companions in the field.
Distinguishing features include accurate depth measurement and the ability to acquire acoustic backscatter data along the full water columns, rendering the ECT400/ECT200 and ECS400/ECS200 series invaluable assets. Coupled with their adaptability for deployment on USVs, drones, ROVs, or AUVs, these capabilities position them as optimal choices for professionals navigating the intricacies of underwater environments across a diverse range of applications.


  • Real-time backscatter data collection along full water columns
  • Ultra compact
  • Ideal for navigation of ROV/AUVs and bathymetry
  • Serial interface (RS232, 485, 422)
  • Compatible with Hypack, HydroMagic, ReefMaster and HydroPro(Trimble)
  • Seacon underwater wet connector
  • User friendly GUI software provided for instant image update
  • Tilt sensor integrated (option )
  • Depth rate up to 6,000m
Acoustic Frequency 450kHz (ECT400, ECS400), 200kHz (ECT200, ECS200)
Beam width 5° (450kHz) / 10° (200kHz) Conical (-3dB)
Transmit Pulse Width 10μsec ~ 200μsec (10μsec step)
Ranges 0.15 m ~ 100 m
Housing Material Acetal (ECT400, ECT200), Aluminium (ECS400, ECS200)
Connector SEACON
Operating Depth 100m, 1,000m and 6,000m
Repetition (Ping) Rate 10 Hz max
Sampling Rate 100 kHz
Water Column Resolution appx. 7.5 mm
Altimeter Range Resolution 1.0 mm
Temperature Resolution 0.1°C
Tilt sensor integrated (optional) Dual-axis, horizontal operation : ±90°
Tilt sensor integrated (optional) Inclination data accuracy : 0.1
Digital Output Interface RS-232, RS-485, RS-422
Communication Speed 4,800 ~ 921,600 baud (115,200 baud default)
Data Output Format ASCII TXT, NMEA0183, or user defined (optional)
Configuration and Data reading Echologger Control Program or any terminal program
Operation Temperature -10°C +50°C
Power supply 8 ~ 75 VDC, 2W max
Dimensions D56 x L85 (ECT400, ECT200), D55 x L70 (ECS400, ECS200)
Weight 270g (ECT400, ECS200), 310g (ECS400, ECS200)
Other features Hypack, HydroMagic, ReefMaster compatible (NMEA, Echogram)