Ultracompact dual frequency echosounder for surface vehicles

EU D24 (200/450kHz)
EU D710 (750kHz/1MHz)
ECT D24S (200/450kHz)
ECT D710S (750kHz/1MHz)

  • Dual Freq. Echosounder EU D24
  • Dual Freq. Echosounder EU D710
  • ECT D24S 200/450 kHz Echosounder (top connection)
  • ECT D710S 750/1000 kHz Echosounder (top connection)

Ultracompact echosounders designed for unmanned/ manned bathymetric surveys


EU D24 & EU D710

  • Plug and Play with a laptop PC via USB port
  • No additional power supply is required
  • Real-time backscatter data collection along full water columns
  • Compatible with Hypack, HydroMagic and ReefMaster
  • User friendly GUI software provided for instant image update
  • Tilt sensor integrated as standard
  • Buad rate up to 3Mbaud for ping rate up to 100 Hz

ECT D24S & ECT D710S

  • Real-time backscatter data collection along full water columns
  • Ultra compact (56mm dia. x 80mm length)
  • Ideal for autopilot bathymetric surveys
  • Serial interface (RS232, 485)
Acoustic Frequency 200 kHz / 450 KHz (EU D24 & ECT D24S), 750 kHz / 1MHz (EU D710 & ECT D710S)
Beam width 10° / 5° (EU D24 & ECT D24S), 3.5° / 2.5° (EU D710 & ECT D710S) ,Conical (-3dB)
Transmit Pulse Width 10µsec ~ 200µsec
Transmit Power Max. 50 W (adjustable)
TVG Control Up to 60 dB
Gain Control -30 dB to +30 dB
Input Signal Attenuator (-20dB) Activation time 0~300,000 µSec
Ranges 0.5 ~ 200 m (200kHz) , 0.15 ~ 100 m (450kHz), 0.03 ~ 50 m (750kHz), 0.02 ~ 30 m (1MHz)
Repetition (Ping) Rate 100 Hz max
Sampling Rate (Profiling mode) Max 100kHz; adjustable, or auto mode (default)
Water Column Resolution Appx. 7.5 mm @100kHz sampling
Altimeter Range Resolution 1.0 mm
Temperature sensor Resolution 0.1°C
Tilt sensor integrated Dual-axis (Roll & Pitch) ±90° , Inclination data resolution 0.1°
Synchronization Outward / Inward (S/W selectable)
Analog Output Interface 1.25V, 2.5V, 5V, 10V max (S/W selectable) , Distance or Envelope
Digital Output Interface RS-232, RS-485 (selectable by select pin)
Communication Speed 4,800 ~ 921,600, 3M baud (115,200 default)
Data Output Format Profile 10bit/12bit resolution ASCII Text , Profile 12bit resolution Binary , Profile 8bit resolution Binary (12bit compressed to 8bit) , Altitude NMEA0183 / Altitude Simple
Multi node Inter-networking(RS485 only) Up to 32 units
Configuration and Data reading Echologger Control Program or any Terminal program
Connector LTW 12-05PMMS-SH8003 (IP68)
Power supply EU D24, EU D710 :USB Powered, 2W max / ECT D24S, ECT D710S : 10 ~ 75 VDC, 2W max, Internally isolated
Operation Temperature -10°C +50°C
Operating Depth 1m (for surface vehicles)
Housing Acetal
Dimensions D56 mm x L80 mm,
Weight (100m rate) 280g (exc. cable)