Accessories for Echologger Products


  • Accessories
  • Cable Winch
  • Protection Gear & Installation Jig
  • Underwater Tripod
  • Power Supply Module
  • Underwater Cable With Connectors

Presenting the CW50 Cable Winch, featuring a 50m underwater cable and a slip ring mechanism, ensuring compatibility with our scanning sonar (RS900, MRS900) and all echosounders. This corrosion-resistant winch delivers effective cable management for diverse underwater survey applications.

To reinforce protection, we introduce the PG-M (for RS900) and PG-R (for MRS900) Protection Gear & Installation Jig. These components shield the sonar head from shocks and collisions through SUS grids. The protection gears easily attach to tripods or poles, offering versatile installation options.

The UP20 Underwater Tripod provides a corrosion-resistant solution with heavy-weight feet, standing at a height of 2m. This sturdy tripod enhances stability during underwater surveys, ensuring reliable data collection in challenging marine environments.

Our PSM24 Power Supply Module offers a 24VDC power source, providing a rechargeable and portable solution for various devices. Integrated with an RS232/485 to USB converter and packaged in a splash-proof design, this module ensures efficient and reliable power supply for your underwater survey equipment.

CW50 Cable Winch

  • With 50m underwater cable
  • Slip ring mechanism
  • Compatible with RS900, MRS900, ECT400, ECS400
  • Corrosion free

PG-M / PG-R Protection Gear & Installation Jig

  • Protect sonar head from shock and collision
  • SUS grids
  • For RS900 (PG-R) & MRS900 (PG-M)
  • Can be assembled to Tripod or Pole

UP20 Underwater Tripod

  • Corrosion free
  • Includes heavy weight feet
  • Height 2m

PSM24 Power Supply Module

  • 24VDC
  • Rechargeable/Portable
  • RS232/485 to USB converter integrated
  • Splash proof package