High resolution diver-held imaging sonar


  • Echologger Diver Sonar DS900
  • Echologger Diver Sonar DS900H
  • Echologger Diver Sonar DS900
  • Echologger Diver Sonar DS900
  • Echologger Diver Sonar DS900
  • Echologger Diver Sonar DS900
  • Echologger Diver Sonar DS900

This unique handheld imaging sonar Echologger DS900 stands out as one of the most powerful and practical systems designed for divers who prioritize sophistication. Taking the form of a handheld underwater imaging system, it delivers high-resolution visuals tailored for various applications.

Divers can effectively leverage this dynamic product to enhance visibility in dark and turbid environments, addressing tasks like search and rescue (SAR), structure monitoring, or obstacle avoidance.

Notably, esteemed entities such as the US Navy have commended the sublime nature of this fascinating device, recognizing its value and superiority over many conventional products in the market. Beyond the current positive reviews, it proves to be one of the smartest investments for organizations with special divers.

With features including Camera, Light, Compass, and Depth & Temperature sensors, this sonar system ensures clarity in various underwater conditions. Boasting a high scanning speed, it enables swift and efficient data collection for tasks like search and rescue, structure monitoring, or obstacle avoidance. Maintaining zero buoyancy, the device facilitates stable and controlled underwater maneuvering. This comprehensive set of features positions the sonar system as a powerful and practical tool for divers, receiving commendation from the US Navy for its sublime nature and value.


  • Handheld imaging sonar for special divers
  • High resolution underwater images
  • High scanning speed
  • Zero buoyancy
  • Camera/Light/Compass/Depth&Temp sensors
Pulse CHIRP & CW
Operating frequency 900 kHz
Beam angle H2°, V25.0° (DS900) / H0.9°, V25.0° (DS900H)
Max Range 60m
Range resolution 15 mm
Scanning mechanism Contactless transformer type
Scanning resolution (adjustable) 0.1125°, 0.45°, 1.8°
Pulse length 512 us (CHIRP), 10 - 100us (CW)
Scanning angle (adjustable) 30, 45, 60°
Underwater monitor Color LCD 7inch, 1280 x 800 pixels
Battery Life 3.0 @ sonar mode
Memory SSD 15GB (50hours’ sonar data)
Depth rate 100 m
Control unit housing material Al (Hard anodized)
Weight 4.3 kg(air), -36g(water) DS900 / 6.6 kg(air), -54g(water) DS900H
Dimensions 230 x 290 x 160 (mm) DS900 / 240 x 380 x 180 (mm) DS900
Pressure sensor 0~30bar (300m)
Pressure sensor resolution 0.2mbar
Underwater Camera HD 1280 x 720 (max 30 fps)
Camera view angle 73°
Light Brightness 300 lm
Compass range 360°
Compass resolution Heading: 0.5°, Tilt:1°(<30°), 1.5°(<60°)
Case Pelican (IP65)
Echologger diver sonar DS900