Survey accessories for Echologger echosounders

EH2, EH3, EH5
EP30, EP50

  • Echosounder holders
  • Surveying Accessories for EU/ECT series
  • Surveying Accessories for EU/ECT series

Introducing the Echologger Accessory Package, a comprehensive set designed for both unmanned and manned boat surveys, enhancing the functionality and convenience of Echologger Echosounders. This package includes a range of accessories to facilitate various survey scenarios.

All holders feature 5/8-11 UNC threaded compatibility, providing secure attachment for Echologger Echosounders. Poles are equipped with 5/8-11 UNC threaded ends and are compatible with most GNSS receivers, ensuring flexibility in mounting configurations.

Boat Clamp BC40 ensures a secure and stable attachment for Echologger Echosounders during boat surveys. Its robust design provides reliability in various marine environments.

This comprehensive accessory package is meticulously curated to complement the capabilities of Echologger Echosounders, providing users with versatile and reliable tools for a wide range of survey applications on both unmanned and manned boats. With threaded compatibility, sturdy poles, and specialized holders, this package facilitates seamless integration and maximizes the efficiency of Echologger Echosounder systems in diverse survey scenarios.

Echosounder holders

  • EH2 : holder for EU400, ECT400, EU D24 and ECT D24
  • EH3 : holder for ECT D032 and EU D032
  • EH5 : holder for ECT D052 and EU D052
  • 5/8-11 UNC threaded


  • EP30 : 30cm length, 1" dia.
  • EP50 : 50cm length, 1" dia.
  • 5/8-11 UNC threaded
  • Compatible with most of GNSS receivers

BC40 Boat clamp

  • Light
  • Angle adjustable