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Echologger DASS710

Ultra compact 3D scanning sonar for underwater structure monitoring
Ideal tool for scour monitoring
Compatible with EIVA NaviSuite
Point cloud enabled

Ultracompact 3D scanning sonar

High resolution pencil beams with broadband composite transducer

Versatile adjustible scanning area (full or sector scan) : 360 deg(H) x 200 deg(V)

Point cloud

Altitude range resolution : 1mm

Scanning angular resolution adjustable from 0.1deg

Backscatter data can be collected (option)

Weight : 2.2kg in air

Dimension : D110 x H150

EIVA's NaviSuite compatible (inc. NaviScan & NaviModel)

  • Scour monitoring of Bridge abutments 

  • Scour monitoring of Bridge legs

  • Tunnel monitoing 

  • Borehole monitoring

  • Scour monitoring of wind turbine base

Echologger DASS710
Acoustic Frequency 750 kHz / 1MHz
Beam width 1.5 ° / 1° Conical (-3dB, echo mode)
Max Ranges 50m/25m
Scan Angle Resolution Up to 0.1°
Horizontal Scanning Sector 360°
Vertical Scanning Sector 200° (±100°)
Range Resolution 1.0 mm
Synchronization Outward / Inward (S/W selectable)
Digital Output Interface RS-232, RS-485 isolated
Communication Speed 4800 ~ 921,600 baud (115,200 baud default)
Connector MCBH6MSS
Power supply 10 ~ 60 VDC, 8W max
Operation Temperature -10°C ~ +50°C
Operating Depth 300m
Dimensions Ø110 x H150 mm
Weight 2.25kg / 0.78kg (air/ water)
Housing Materials SS and Acetal