Super light mini scanning sonar MRS900S
MRS900S is made of fully plastic materials, weighing only 380g (140g in water).
There is no metallic part exposed to water, so no risk of corrosion.
This ultra compact super-light device is optimally designed for Navigation of Underwater Vehicles (ROVs or AUVs) in shallow water up to 300m depth.

∙ Lightest imaging sonar in the market (380g in air/ 140g in water), working at up to 300m depth 

∙ Fully made of plastic (no corrosive part)

∙ Real time underwater imaging 

∙ High resolution images with a piezo-composite broadband transducer

∙ Digital CHIRP technology

∙ Non-contact rotational scanning mechanism

∙ Ideal for mini ROVs and diver sonar 

∙ Low power consumption 




∙ Search & Recovery

∙ Diver-held sonar

∙ Navigation for ROV/AUVs

Pulse Type CHIRP & CW (selectable or auto switching)
Operating Frequency 900 kHz
Beam Width 2° H, 25° V (+/-3dB) Fan
Transmit Pulse Length 500µsec(Chirp), 10 ~ 100µsec(CW)
Max Range 60m
Range Resolution 7.5mm Max
Scan Angle 360° continuous or defined Sector Scan
Scan Angle Resolution 0.1125°, 0.225°, 0.45°, 0.9°, 1.8° (selectable)
Scan Speed 4sec / 360° @ range 5m, scan resolution 0.9°
Scan Speed 6.4sec / 360° @ range 10m, scan resolution 0.9°
TVG 60dB
Gain Control -15dB ~ +15dB
Interface RS232 / RS485 up to 3Mbaud
Power Requirement / Consumption 12 ~ 60VDC / 4W Max.
Max Cable Length 300m @ 2Mbaud, 1km @ 115kbaud
Connector Pigtail or Subconn MCIL6M(option)
Operating Depth 300m
Housing Material Acetal
Dmensions Dia. 64mm, Height 80mm
Weight 380g (in air) / 140g (in water)