USB Connection Dual Frequency Echosounder ECHOLOGGER EU D24

Echologger EU D24 is the only USB interfaced professional echosounder in the market supporting dual frequencies (200kHz/450kHz)
It is simple to used in a Plug&Play basis on laptop PCs or handheld devices with USB ports.
Backscatter data along full water columns can be measured.
It is powered through the USB port so that no external power source is required.
Despite its simplicity and compactness, Echologger EU D24 is a genuine professional echosounder for survey, sentiment monitoring and structure monitoring.

∙ Plug and Play with a laptop PC via USB port

∙ No additional power supply is required

∙ Real-time backscatter data collection along full water columns

∙ Compatible with Hypack, Topcon receiver, HydroPro(Trimble)

∙ User friendly GUI software provided for instant image update

∙ Tilt sensor integrated as standard

∙ Buad rate up to 3Mbaud for sampling rate up to 100 Hz

∙ Sea bed mapping

∙ Sediment Move Monitoring

∙ Bridge Scour Monitoring

Acoustic Frequency 200 kHz / 450 KHz
Beam width 10° / 5° Conical (-3dB)
Transmit Pulse Width 10µsec ~ 200µsec
Transmit Power Max. 50 W ( adjustable)
TVG Control Up to 60 dB
Gain Control -30 dB to +30 dB
Input Signal Attenuator (-20dB) Activation time 0~300,000 µSec
Ranges 0.5 m ~ 200 m (200kHz), 0.15 m ~ 100 m (450kHz)
Repetition (Ping) Rate 100 Hz max
Sampling Rate (Profiling mode) Max 100kHz; adjustable, or auto mode (default)
Water Column Resolution Appx. 7.5 mm @100kHz sampling
Altimeter Range Resolution 1.0 mm
Temperature sensor Resolution 0.1°C
Tilt sensor integrated Dual-axis (Roll & Pitch) ±90° , Inclination data resolution 0.1°
Synchronization Outward / Inward (S/W selectable) - ECT D24U & ECS D24U
Analog Output Interface 1.25V, 2.5V, 5V, 10V max (S/W selectable) , Distance or Envelope
Digital Output Interface USB 2.0
Communication Speed 4800 ~ 921600, 3M baud (115200 baud default)
Data Output Format Profile 10bit/12bit resolution ASCII Text , Profile 12bit resolution Binary , Profile 8bit resolution Binary (12bit compressed to 8bit) , Altitude NMEA0183 / Altitude Simple
Configuration and Data reading Echologger Control Program or any Terminal program
Connector EU D24 - LTW 12-05PMMS-SH8003 & 5m USB 2.0 Cable
Power supply USB Powered, 2W max
Operation Temperature -10°C +50°C
Operating Depth Standard 1m, 100m (up to 6000m)
Housing EU D24: Acetal (1m) IP68
Dimensions (100m rate) EU D24: D56 mm x L80 mm (without connector)
Weight (100m rate) EU D24: 430g
* *Same specifications applied to ECT D24U / ECT D24U