MRS900 is one of the smallest mechanical scanning sonar systems in the market with various choice of connector schemes.
Despite its ultra-compactness, the device still keeps high image quality.

∙ One of the most compact imaging sonar in the market

∙ Real time underwater imaging using acoustics

∙ High resolution images with a piezo-composite broadband transducer

∙ Digital CHIRP technology

∙ Non-contact rotational scanning mechanism

∙ Easy deployment

∙ Ideal for mini ROVs and diver sonar

∙ Search & Recovery

∙ Diver-held sonar

∙ Navigation for ROV/AUVs

Pulse Type CHIRP & CW (selectable or auto switching)
Operating Frequency 900 kHz
Beam Width 2° H, 25° V (+/-3dB) Fan
Transmit Pulse Length 500µsec(Chirp), 10 ~ 100µsec(CW)
Max Range 60m
Range Resolution 7.5mm Max
Scan Angle 360° continuous or defined Sector Scan
Scan Angle Resolution 0.1125°, 0.225°, 0.45°, 0.9°, 1.8° (selectable)
Scan Speed 4sec / 360° @ range 5m, scan resolution 0.9°
Scan Speed 6.4sec / 360° @ range 10m, scan resolution 0.9°
TVG 60dB
Gain Control -15dB ~ +15dB
Interface RS232 / RS485 up to 3Mbaud
Power Requirement / Consumption 12 ~ 60VDC / 4W Max.
Max Cable Length 300m @ 2Mbaud, 1km @ 115kbaud
Connector Subconn MCIL6M(60cm) or pigtail, Teledyne Impulse IE55-1206-BCR(optional)
Operating Depth 2,000m
Housing Material Alumium (hard anodised)
Dmensions Dia. 66mm, Height 76mm
Weight 580g (in air) / 350g (in water)